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We got our start as a scrappy startup, working to get our eReader into everyone's hands. That drive to succeed can be seen throughout our entire team.


We're looking to do more than change the digital reading experience. We're disrupting the entire higher ed community, which means one thing: innovate, innovate, innovate!


Our team is full of individuals with a variety of skill sets, making us a fun, collaborative group that's able to change and adapt quickly to the needs of the communities we serve.


Greg Fenton Employee Photo
Greg Fenton
Co-Founder, CEO
Tim Haitaian Employee Photo
Tim Haitaian
Co-Founder, CFO
Tom Scotty Employee Photo
Tom Scotty
Scot Kelly Employee Photo
Scott Kelly
Shannon Godfrey Employee Photo
Shannon Godfrey
Sales Director
Terry Winters Employee Photo
Terry Winters
Director of E-Commerce Services
Kyle Uhelski Employee Photo Kyle Uhelski Employee Photo 2
Kyle Uhelski
Regional Sales Manager
Gordon Elson Employee Photo
Gordon Elson
Regional Sales Manager
Greg Heaphy Employee Photo
Greg Heaphy
Software Developer
Drew Lestrud Employee Photo
Drew Lestrud
Regional Account Manager
Drew Bollinger Employee Photo
Drew "Howie" Bollinger
Software Developer
Adam Fenton Employee Photo
Adam Fenton
Regional Account Manager
Justin Park Employee Photo
Justin Park
Software Developer
Christian Conley Employee Photo
Christian Conley
Accounting Manager
Briana Haguewood Employee Photo
Briana Haguewood
Publisher Relations Manager
Adam Dybczak Employee Photo
Adam Dybczak
Sr. Software Developer
Sara Riazi Employee Photo
Sara Riazi
Director of Product Development
Ryan Fraser Employee Photo
Ryan Fraser
DevOps Engineer
Lindsay Raleigh Employee Photo
Lindsay Raleigh
Director of Marketing
Sean Schatzman Employee Photo
Sean Schatzman
Software Developer
Jenna Boswell Employee Photo
Jenna Boswell
Regional Account Manager
Mayla Sanchez Employee Photo
Mayla Sanchez
Director of Publisher Services & Business Development
Sonny Matharu Employee Photo
Sonny Matharu
Executive Director of Business Development
Jasmine Herrera Employee Photo
Jasmine Herrera
Regional Account Manager
Adam Sommer Employee Photo
Adam Sommer
Regional Account Manager
Amber Hawks Employee Photo
Amber Hawks
Regional Account Manager
Dan McDermott Employee Photo
Dan McDermott
Account Manager
Jeff Collar Employee Photo
Jeff Collar
Senior Software Engineer
Ashley Vedrody Employee Photo
Ashley Vedrody
Product Manager
Rick Conarroe Employee Photo
Rick Conarroe
Account Manager
Juliann Edwards Employee Photo
Juliann Edwards
Director of Human Resources
Lindsey Miller Employee Photo
Lindsey Miller
Regional Sales Manager
Kate Yeagle Employee Photo
Kate Yeagle
Office Manger
Meghan Radosevic Employee Photo
Meghan Radosevic
Publisher Relations Account Manager
Dan Derks Employee Photo
Dan Derks
Customer Service Manager
Megan Hejmej Employee Photo
Megan Hejmej
Staff Accountant
Brianna Crossley Employee Photo
Brianna Crossley
Regional Sales Manager


We were students not too long ago and started RedShelf on the idea that textbooks shouldn't cost a fortune, weigh a ton...you get the idea. They should be affordable and easily accessible for everyone to use. If you're passionate about disrupting the higher ed community and being an advocate for students everywhere, we want to hear from you.

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Don't see the job you're looking for? Send your résumé to careers@redshelf.com and we'll get in touch if we think there's a match.


500+ schools. 600+ publishers. It's time to upgrade your digital content experience.

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"My colleagues are some of the smartest, most personable, and highly motivated individuals I've had the pleasure of working with!"

Briana Haguewood
Publisher Relations Manager @ RedShelf

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"I've been working at RedShelf for nearly four years. In that time, I have been exposed to opportunities, projects, and conversations most young professionals can only dream for."

Gordon Elson
Sales & Customer Care Director @ RedShelf

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"Working at a startup like RedShelf is as demanding as it is rewarding."

Howie Bollinger
Software Engineer @ RedShelf

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